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Badges Galore

Creating badges is similar to creating a logo. I’ve created a bunch of these lately for The Mountaineers in Adobe Illustrator. They’ve been a lot of fun to do! Climbing & Canyoning Skills Badges April Fools Cheater Badges Miscellaneous Badges Pins are designed similar to badges, except they are often used to create an actual…

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It’s a small world, after all!

I hadn’t been getting many good clients through Craig’s List over the past several years, mainly, because there are so many “out there” service postings…a lot of spam, because it’s a free service to post a listing. So it’s hard for people to really weed through the bad to find a good business match. Last…

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Design Graduates Ready to Join the Workforce

I was asked to be a panelist for a portfolio review at Lake Washington School of Technology. The portfolios presented were from graduating students in the design program. Half were game design and half were other graphic design. Lake Washington is my alma mater and where I got my associates degree in multimedia design &…

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Design Firm or Freelance Graphic Designer: Which One is Right for You?

Finding your way as a graphic designer generally means choosing one of two career paths. Do you join an established design firm or do you strike out on your own as a freelance graphic designer? There are definitely advantages and disadvantages that you will want to consider before choosing which path is right for you.…

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Growth – How My Web Design Has Progressed

I started building websites in 1995 after stumbling upon source code and figuring it out on my own. This was before there were books written on the subject and you couldn’t even find documentation on the Internet. I was pretty proud of my first sites and I wish I had archived them just for the…

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2013 Design Portfolio

This portfolio showcases my favorite projects of 2013, as well as some things I did for fun. 2013 Design Portfolio-REVISED by Anita L. Elder|Make Your Own Book

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